October 22nd, 2012

Alessandro Magnani is one of our Bones and Independent Teamrider. He’s not just an incredible Skateboarder, he’s also a very gifted artist. To help him sell his T-Shirts, illumate offered the B2B shop as a platform to get some orders of interested shops. illumate doesn’t earn anything from this and all the ordered Magnani Collection goods will be delivered and invoiced directly from the artists atelier withhin a few days. 

“My designs and drawings often represent faces, masks, heads and figures. Thereby the <<eye>> is always the center of focus. You can discern moods and sentiments which are not predictable, but rather fluid – just like life with it’s up’s and down’s. The eye, the mirror of the soul. One sees and grows with his eyes, conscious about what bewitches us in reality.” – Alessandro Magnani


“Alessandro Magnani, born at 23 June 1986 in Brig (Switzerland). At the moment I live in Naters, Canton Valais. My origin profession is cook. I often do skateboard tours, because I’am supported by some sponsors. For some years I have been drawing pictures and graphics. Drawing is a big passion for me and still processing further. By the way I creating board graphics for skateboard companies and T-Shirts. The pleasure became bigger and bigger and so started with my own collection.” – Alessandro Magnani


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