November 29th, 2013
BLOCK SKATEPARK shuts down 31.12.2013

Tomi Dinkel the owner of the Block Skatepark in Winterthur/Switzerland, just informed that the Skatepark will close its doors for good on the 31st of december 2013.
After a long and exhausting but unsuccessful “fight” for some support of the city, unfortunately but understandably Tomi decided to capitulate.

Back at the beginning, Block was the largest trend sport facility in Europe.  Like for so many kids who spent most of their childhood/puberty in block, it was a second home for me and my friends. A place to meet, skate, hang out… A place to have fun!
Personally it hurt’s my like crazy to see this park going down the drain since I was one of the guys who incited, designed and built the skatepark, 15 years ago.

Thank you Tomi for sticking with the skatepark for so long and giving us the chance to have place to skate during all these winters!

I call out for everybody to make full use of the time left in Block.  Go and skate the last month. Winter is going to be looooong without Block!

We will try to organize a “Good Bye” – Session sometime mid december. I’ll keep you posted!