January 14th, 2015
Jeremy Leabres is Pro for Toy Machine

Jeremy Leabres (Toy Machine, RVCA, Independent, Emerica, Pig Wheels, Bro Style) worked himself up into the PRO ranks of the Toy Machine roster. He earned big respect for his Part in Emerica’s “MADE”, his Thrasher Part “The Re-education of Jeremy Leabres”

No doubt, his Pro status is more then well deserved. Look out for Jeremy’s first Pro model soon.




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August 8th, 2014
Taylor Smith is Pro on Foundation Skateboards

OG Shep Dawg, Taylor Smith (Foundation Skateboards, Bro StyleIndependent Trucks)  just turned Pro for Foundation Skateboards.
check out his sick part from Shep Dawg Vol. 4


April 15th, 2014
A Happy Medium 3 – Aaron Jaws Homoki

Honestly, did you ever imagined that someone will ever try a Kickflip Stalefish Grab over a 16 stair Handrail?

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki (Birdhouse SkateboardsBones WheelsBro StyleIndependent Trucks) definitely thinks in other dimensions than the average Joe, but Aaron’s Part in Happy Medium 3 takes dropping out of the sky with a skateboard to a whole new level.  Just BANG!!!

April 9th, 2014

The master of gaps is back. Aaron”Jaws” Homoki(Birdhouse, Bones Wheels, Independent Trucks, Bro Style)  is bringing the next part. As usually he was filming the part with the Happy Medium Crew. From  crzazy gaps to bowl skills, he kills everything.

April 8th, 2014
Collin Provost’s MADE Chapter One – B Side

Check out what it takes to film one of the best video parts in skateboardings history.
Sometimes Colin Provost (Toy MachineBro Style) has to eat a lot of shit to land his bangers.


February 11th, 2014
Blake Carpenter

Transworld invited the new Toy Machine Am Blake Carpenter ( Pig Wheels, Bones Bearings ,Bro Style ) to show his 12 favorite tricks

September 17th, 2013
Free Lunch with Jeremy Leabres

Toy Machine Am, Jeremy Leabres, the ripper from Emerica’s newst Video: “Made”, gets a free lunch and answers some questions.

Despite his mom working for the LAPD and dressing up as a hooker to catch the bad guys, he seems to be  a nice and smiley kid.


September 13th, 2013
Emerica – Made

Ok, that’s the deal. Put everything aside, take a deep breath and and be ready for 20 minutes of banging action!

Jeremy Leabres (Toy Machine, Bro Style), Colin Provost (Toy Machine, Bro Style), Leo Romero (Toy Machine, Independent, Pig Wheels, Bro Style) and Brandon Westgate (Bro Style) are killing it.

Now there’s one thing left to do: Go to your local skateshop, buy a pair of Emericas, a Toy Machine Skateboard and a Bro Style T-Shirt and I almost can garantee you that you’ll be ripping like them 😉

BTW: The Video is only online for 3 days, so start watching!


June 21st, 2013
Daniel Lutheran turns PRO for Toy Machine

Daniel Lutheran (Bro Style, Pig Wheels, Independent) turns Pro for Toy Machine.

This is the perfect clip of him for the GO Skateboarding Day.
One day with: Daniel Lutheran is exactly how everbody’s day today should look like. Having a great time skating with the homies.

Watch this and you definitly want to go skate!


June 20th, 2013
Stone Colden !!!

Here it is!!!

Trevor Colden’s (Bro Style , Bones Bearings)  “STONE COLDEN”  Video Part… sit back and (try to) relax…


June 17th, 2013
Trevor Colden Teaser

Be prepared, this is going to be good…
This Thursday Trevor Colden (Bro Style , Bones Bearings) is releasing his video part “STONE COLDEN” on Thrasher.
Here’s a sneak peek: