November 24th, 2014
and the Winner is…

The illumate Miniramp Shop Battle Poll endend last Saturday at midnight. The Joker Shop took over the lead from Radix and was ahead for most of the time.
After a crazy race for votes and a Facebook battle to mobilize every friend to vote for their clip, Doo Dah Basel overtook Radix to slowly catch up with Joker Shop. Shortly before the poll ended it was a head to head race between Joker and DooDah Basel. It was clear that only a few votes will tip the scales. The scales never tipped that night and the final result of the poll is an unbelievable draw between The Joker Shop and Doo Dah Basel. Both Clips got 104 votes from their supporters.
Both were amazing clips and we’re very happy to share the grand prize of 1000.- equally among the 2 parties! But instead of the 500.- we decided that both Shops will receive 600.- each for their amazing effort.
Thanks to all participant shops and riders for the fun time, hard work and creative clips.

Here the 2 winning Clips:


April 8th, 2014
The Illumate Team Page is finally ready

Check out all the Swiss riders representing illumate and its brands here in Switzerland.
Thanks guys for dedicating your life to skateboarding, and pushing the limits of Swiss Skateboarding.