March 18th, 2014
David Gravette 50-50 on the diving board

It’s well known that David Gravette is not only ripping gnary street spots but his also ripping pool., Here he teaches a lesson with this 50-50 on a diving board. I guess every single pool skater dreamed of doing this trick at least once in his life.

March 28th, 2013
David Gravette – CSFU Bonus Footage

This is unbelievable. David Gravette’s (Creature Skateboards, Bones Wheels, Independent Trucks) B-Footage is better than some other Pros main part.


November 21st, 2012
Bones Wheels – New Ground Teaser

Bones Wheels abreitet schon seit einiger Zeit an ihrem neuen Video “NEW GROUND”, welches es auch schon bald zu bestaunen gibt. Ich freu mich jetzt schon auf den Haslam Part!!!

Hier schon mal der Teaser…