December 8th, 2015
Alessandro Magnani – Video Part

Alessandro Magnani (Bones WheelsBones BearingsIndependent Trucks) is a very gifted artist and skater.
After 4 month of filming allover Switzerland with Manu Müller (Redline), today he released his new Video Part to launch his Bro Model for Doodah Skateshop.




November 30th, 2015
Igor Fardin in Amsterdam

Igor Fardin (Bones BearingsIndependent Trucks) is featured in a film by Guillaume Périmony skating in Amsterdam.

It’s always a pleasure to watch the creativity and style of Igor.


I ♥ AMSTERDAM from Guillaume Périmony on Vimeo.

November 24th, 2015
Luan Oliveira – Mic Check

Luan Oliveira (Flip Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Mob Grip, Bronson Bearings) impressed the whole year, with his amazing style and crazy pop.
His new Video Part shows only pure and raw street skating. SOTY would be well deserved!


May 28th, 2015
Martino Cattaneo wins the Joker Cup barefoot

Warrior’s very own Martino Cattaneo (Independent TrucksBones WheelsBones Bearings) won last weekend the famous Joker Cup in the Lugano Bowl.

It seemed to be not hard enough to win just like that, so he decided to skate his final run barefoot!


January 14th, 2015
Jeremy Leabres is Pro for Toy Machine

Jeremy Leabres (Toy Machine, RVCA, Independent, Emerica, Pig Wheels, Bro Style) worked himself up into the PRO ranks of the Toy Machine roster. He earned big respect for his Part in Emerica’s “MADE”, his Thrasher Part “The Re-education of Jeremy Leabres”

No doubt, his Pro status is more then well deserved. Look out for Jeremy’s first Pro model soon.




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October 30th, 2014
Match Made in HEL – skating at the Helsinki Airport

Everybody was talking about  this project. Now it was time for it. Arto Saari( Flip Skateboards)  got the permission to start an unique project in a cooperation with Helsinki Airport. At first he choose a group of skaters to skate the spots inside the Helsinki Airport. At the end it was a mixture of skaters from Japan, Russia, Denmark , Finland and three Flip Skateboards riders like  Matt Berger( Flip Skateboards), Curren Caples (Flip Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Bones Bearings, Ricta Wheels)  and Louie Lopez( Independent Trucks, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Bones Bearings). The result was an unique clip with an amount of impressive tricks inside the airport. As you can see, a cooperation between skaters and a permissive airport can always bring a great result.

October 2nd, 2014
Alex Davis Part from GX 1000

The roster of Habitat Skateboards is well know for style. But there is one man who was skating outside of the spotlight. It`s Alex Davis ( Habitat Skateboards, Independent Trucks). The man is one of the stylish inside some videos from the East Coast and especially at the GX1000 tapes. So the result was to collect all his footage and release a part to show his unique steez.

September 25th, 2014
Aaron Herrington “Static IV” Part

Some of us remember the old “Static” movies. East coast skateboarding was popular and everybody loved to see footage from Philly or New York. Ricky Oyola was the man and everybody loved him. Nowadays everything is coming back and East Coast skateboarding is becoming popular again. This part is coming from a great moviec called “STATIC IV”  and Aaron Herrington( Independent Trucks, Bones Bearings)  showing the best example of an east coast skater.

September 1st, 2014
Peter Kradolfer InterRail Euro Trip

Give a 16 year old kid some holidays, an InterRail ticket and a guy following him with a deathlens.

It’s pretty impressive what Peter Kradolfer (Toy Machine SkateboardsIndependent TrucksBones WheelsBones BearingsMob Grip) and his friend Philipp Bernhardt managed to film in 2 month.

Keep the videos coming…

August 27th, 2014
An Ode To Geoff Rowley

Jenkem Mag edited a nice recap of the most memorable Tricks of Geoff Rowley (FlipIndependentOJ’s WheelsMob) from the 90’s and 00’s.

Keep in mind, this stuff was filmed when a lot of the nowadays top guys were still drooling for breast milk.


August 8th, 2014
Taylor Smith is Pro on Foundation Skateboards

OG Shep Dawg, Taylor Smith (Foundation Skateboards, Bro StyleIndependent Trucks)  just turned Pro for Foundation Skateboards.
check out his sick part from Shep Dawg Vol. 4


July 23rd, 2014
GX 1000 with Alex Davis

GX 1000 are the new rough street footages video series. Every new video is filmed in a new town. This following issue is from New York. Great east coast rippers like Aaron Herrington( Independent Trucks, Bones Bearings), Jake Johnson and especially Alex Davis( Habitat Skateboards, Independent Trucks) are in this short clip. Habitat is the new brand of the Illumate Distribution. So one of the main characters in this video is for sure Alex Davis . He is one the skaters of the super stylish Habitat roster.

July 22nd, 2014
Flip `3` Video

Here we go. Flip Skateboards decided to make a short video to introduce their great riders Alec Majerus( Flip Skateboards), Louie Lopez( Flip Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Bones Bearings) and Curren Caples( Flip Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip). All three are great skater and everybody of them has a different style. Those guys are definitely the future of skateboarding.

July 15th, 2014
Swiss Vans Team in Sicily

This spring, Vans Switzerland sent some of their riders off to Sicily on a skate trip. Simon Stricker (FlipBones WheelsBones Bearings, Silver TrucksMob GripShorty’s Hardware), Sven Kilchemann (Bones BearingsBones Wheels), Martino Cattaneo (Independent TrucksBones WheelsBones Bearings), Yari Copt, Sergio Minnici and local Claudio Majorana were ripping the island.


June 17th, 2014
Converse welcomes Louie Lopez

Louie Lopez(Flip Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Ricta Wheels, Bones Bearings , Mob Griptate) is member of the Flip Skateboards team since some years. He grow up pretty fast and found the right way of skateboarding for him. Mixing bowl riding, street spots and some big rails Louie also didn`t foget to take an eye on his style. After a long time on Globe he became member of the Converse Skate Team. Here is the welcome clip for his new sponsor.