June 24th, 2015
Singapore Raw Clip

Check out the Singapore Raw Clip!

Thanks Jonny for the edit!

February 9th, 2015
Soerfi’s Birthday Session

February 18th, 2014
Some crazy old Miniramp Footage

Today I was tagged in a Video shared on Facebook. It’s from Redline Films and it’s showing the Pulp 68 Team in 2004 on a rainy day trip to the Winterthur Skatepark.

I remember that all the guys slept at my place that weekend. A lot of people! We had a great time and a priceless session in the park. Actually I didn’t even know that this mini ramp footage of me exists. I am truly happy to see this clip of this session, reminds me of a lot of great session at the Block. R.I.P.

Thanks Manu Müller for filming this 10 years ago…      damn I’m old 🙂

February 6th, 2014
The last Session in Block

15 years ago, I designed the Block Skatepark in Winterthur/Switzerland.
With the help of IOU Ramps and a handful of motivated kids, we managed to build one of the most iconic and important Skateboard facilities in Europe.

January 6th 2014 this era was over and the Skatepark shut its doors for good.
Since I never filmed and Street Footage in that park I went back for the very last time to safe some memories.
RIP Block


Thanks to Simon Stricker for filming.