March 7th, 2016
Lukas Bigün Part from NITINJUGI

Just if you haven’t seen it yet. Lukas Bigun (Habitat SkateboardsBones WheelsBones Bearings, Silver TrucksMob GripShorty’s Hardware) is rippin’! Check his Part in NITINJUGI. Boom!

February 11th, 2016
Stephan Willi dropped his new Part

One of the nicest guys in Skateboarding, Stephan Willi (Creature SkateboardsIndependent TruckBones WheelsBones BearingsMob Grip) did what he does best. He drops things. This time he didn’t drop a fence or a wall into a bank. no, this time he dropped his new part.

Big up Stephan! Keep dropping bombs!


January 25th, 2016
Lukas Bigün – Leftover Part

Lukas Bigun (Habitat SkateboardsBones WheelsBones Bearings, Silver TrucksMob GripShorty’s Hardware) is from Basel and one of the most talented kids here in Switzerland right now.
He just dropped a left over part on YT.

If this is his left over footage I can’t wait to see his full part!!! Follow him on IG @lukasbigun

November 30th, 2015
Martin Rechsteiner – Street Part

Martin Rechsteiner (FlipBones WheelsBones Bearings, Silver TrucksMob Grip) just released his new Street Part. Big up!

Put everything a side and enjoy great skating, nice spots and good music.

I see a bright future.

August 3rd, 2015
illumate Team Rider join the Dew Tour Competition

2 of our illumate riders participated in the Dew Tour contest to win a trip to Amsterdam.

Good Luck guys – both would deserve to win the trip:

Luca Pavinato (Foundation SkateboardsPig WheelsRuckus TrucksBones BearingsMob Grip)


Michi Brunner (BLVDBones WheelsBones BearingsMob Grip)



August 3rd, 2015
Simon Stricker – Curtain Call

Check out Simon Stricker (FlipBones WheelsBones Bearings, Silver TrucksMob GripShorty’s Hardware) in his new Curtain Call from Red Bull Skateboarding.

March 12th, 2015
Simon Stricker vs. old man

While filming for his part, Simon Stricker (FlipBones WheelsBones Bearings, Silver TrucksMob GripShorty’s Hardware) encountered an angry senior citizen who didn’t want Simon to ride away clean after his Nollie Heelflip down the doubleset.
A Slalom run-up, not really a problem for Simon. Mission accomplished!


February 5th, 2015
Lucas Bigun on Habitat Skateboards

A very talented young gun is the newest addition to our skate roster. Lukas Bigun from Basel represents Habitat SkateboardsBones WheelsBones Bearings, Silver TrucksMob GripShorty’s Hardware), Doo Dah
Thanks to Martin Zbinden for the edit!
Welcome to the Team!

Thanks to Martin Zbinden for the edit!


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September 1st, 2014
Peter Kradolfer InterRail Euro Trip

Give a 16 year old kid some holidays, an InterRail ticket and a guy following him with a deathlens.

It’s pretty impressive what Peter Kradolfer (Toy Machine SkateboardsIndependent TrucksBones WheelsBones BearingsMob Grip) and his friend Philipp Bernhardt managed to film in 2 month.

Keep the videos coming…

August 8th, 2014
Louie Lopez – Flip “3” Raw

Louie Lopez (Flip SkateboardsBones BearingsIndependent TruckRicta WheelsMob Grip) recently was in Switzerland with the Flip Team just a few weeks ago.  Besides being a very nice guy, he’s obviously ripping like a devil. Check out the raw footage of his part from the Flip”3″ Video and get the amazed by how hard some tricks look without music.


May 16th, 2014
Kevin Romar @ Santa Monica Triple Set

The Santa Monica Triple Set gave Kevin Romar (Bones WheelsMob Grip) some beating but despite weirdos and secutities he gets his job done and lands his trick.

April 28th, 2014
Jonny Giger’s Leftover Part

3 illumate Team rider are injured at the moment. Simon Stricker (FlipBones WheelsBones Bearings, Silver TrucksMob GripShorty’s Hardware) tore some muscles in Berlin, Fabio Martin (Independent TrucksRicta WheelsSwiss BonesMob Grip) tweaked his ankle an the Team Battle in Laax and and Jonny Giger (Silver TrucksRicta WheelsBlack Panther BearingsShorty’s HardwareMob Grip) also tore some ligaments on his foot skating the streets of the Rhein valley. Jonny used his “out” to edit a trailer of his coming leftover clip 🙂


December 23rd, 2012
Best Trick Tip EVER!!!

Louie Barletta (Krux Trucks, Pig Wheels, Mob Grip, Bones Bearings) ist nich nur einer der kreativsten Skater auf diesem Planeten, sondern ist auch durch und durch ein lustiger Kerl. Hier erklärt er wie man an einer Quarter einen Feeble Grind to Backside Tailslide macht. Einfach Genial!!!