October 22nd, 2015
Mind of Marius

Marius Syvanen (Habitat SkateboardsIndependent TrucksOJ’s Wheels) is one speedy fella. Check out his new clip and imagine yourself running up at that speed for a trick.
I’d be dead before I hit the ground.


August 27th, 2014
An Ode To Geoff Rowley

Jenkem Mag edited a nice recap of the most memorable Tricks of Geoff Rowley (FlipIndependentOJ’s WheelsMob) from the 90’s and 00’s.

Keep in mind, this stuff was filmed when a lot of the nowadays top guys were still drooling for breast milk.


September 12th, 2013
Travis Erickson

Travis Erickson (Santa Cruz, Krux, OJ Wheels) knows how to handle the rough streets of San Francisco. And Guess what! The part ends with a night downhill along the cable car tracks. Classic.


November 26th, 2012
Schumi – The Hard Way

Unser Teamrider Thomas Schumann (Creature Skateboards, Independent Trucks, OJ’s Wheels, Mob Grip) kann eigentlich Smith Grinds. Und wahrscheinlch hätte er diesen hier, an einem normalen Tag, First Try gestanden. Aber es gibt Tage an denen man leider erst am Abend weiss, dass man besser zu Hause geblieben wäre. Hier ist Schumi an einem dieser Tage.