April 27th, 2015
Win 1 of 5 hand signed Ronnie Creager High School Dropout Decks

Ronnie Creager is one of the best and most talented skateboarders that skateboarding brought up.
His flawless style and the effortlessness how he pulls the most technical tricks put him, 2 decades ago not only on my radar.
After many years with Blind skateboards, Ronnie decided to split with his deck sponsor and create his own deck brand:
High School Dropout Skateboards.
I am stocked to have the chance to introduce and represent High School Dropout Switzerland.

Here’s your chance to win 1 of 5 hand signed Ronnie Creager High School Dropout Decks.

Fill in your info on illumate.ch to receive future newsletter and automatically enter the competition.


Ask at your local skateshop for High School Dropout decks, T-Shirts, stickers…!



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January 14th, 2013
Happy Birthday Ronnie

Ronnie Creager (Bones Wheels) turned 39 today and he’s still rippin! Some guys are just born with it!



Ronnie Creager Fakie Benihana

Ronnie Creager Fakie Benihana