May 21st, 2014
Mavericks Summer Opening 2014

The yearly Mavericks Summer Opening is always a highlight for Swiss skaters. This year Mavericks celebrated the 10 year anniversary.
13 Teams showed up for the mini ramp team battle and the level was sky high but at the end there was one team dominating the event.
Sven Kilchemann (Bones BearingsBones Wheels)Kilian Zehnder  (Bones Bearings) and Jan Hofer (Bones BearingsBones Wheels) took home the Vans Shoe Trophy and the 300.- Cash.


April 26th, 2014
Sven Kilchenmann – Cali Clip

Sven Kilchemann (Bones BearingsBones Wheels) venit, vidit, vicit!
1 Rail, tons of tricks…

April 15th, 2014
Tech Manny Combos with Sven Kilchemann

Sven Kilchemann (Bones BearingsBones Wheels) is in the States right now and once in a while some footage drips in. Here some park manny combos.
Damn, Sven is still killin’ it!

April 8th, 2014
The Illumate Team Page is finally ready

Check out all the Swiss riders representing illumate and its brands here in Switzerland.
Thanks guys for dedicating your life to skateboarding, and pushing the limits of Swiss Skateboarding.


July 11th, 2013
Sven Kilchemann 2nd Place @ Element Make it Count

Sven Kilchemann (Bones Bearings, Bones Wheels) killed it at the Element make it count european finals in Norway and ended up 2nd Place.
Big up for Sven!


June 14th, 2013
Sven Kilchenmann for Vans

Sven Kilchenmann (Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings) is probably the best Skater, Switzerland has brought up so far and I doubt that there will be a better one in the future.

Check his Welcome Clip for Vans and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It’s a pleasure to watch him skate!


Welcome to the Swiss Pro Team | Sven Kilchenmann from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

March 28th, 2013
Sven Kilchenmann @ Lockwood

Sven Kilchenmann (Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings) is on a mission in southern California right now, skating famous spots like Lockwood.

Here’s a short Clip filmed by Colin Clark.


January 21st, 2013

Unbedingt schauen!
Sven Kilchenmann, Kilian Zender, Adi Good, Jordi Mathis und etwa 500 andere talentierte Partygänger, zeigen was auf und neben dem Board alles möglich ist.
Na dann, PROST!!!

January 14th, 2013
AITSCH Teaser!

Am Mittwoch ist es soweit:
AITSCH Videopremiere
Mittwoch 16.1.13 22°° LONGSTREET BAR Zürich!!

Sven Kilchenmann-Kilian Zehnder-Adi Good-Pippo Gentile-Gilles Jacot-Jonathan Dirlewanger-Jordan Mathis-Paul Amareller-Caio Vilela-Ary Marques Da Silva-Diogo Azevedo-Ricardo Borgo-Marco Zimmermann-Michel Müller