Portrait_10IGOR FARDIN

Birthday:   08.01.1990

Hometown:   Lugano

Stance:   Regular

Deck Size:   8.5″

Wheel Size:   54/55mm


Sponsors: Independent Trucks / Swiss Bones / Vans / Carhartt / Muckefuck Wheels

Bones Bearingsindependent


Favorite food:   Pizza
Favorite drink:   Cola
The last coffee I had… I don’t drink coffee
Best movie:   Hard to say, an American Werewolf in London is a good one though
Favorite sitcom:   How I met your mother
Favorite skatemag:   Kingpin Mag
Favorite skatesite:   Thrasher Magazine.com
Best skateboardingmemory:  too many good ones
Favorite place to travel:   a new place or Berlin
Whats always in your bag?   Socks for the sake of who’s traveling  with me and books
Favorite Spot:   Don’t have one
Swiss skatespots are…   good man!
A game of S.K.A.T.E I start with:   No Comply
A game of S.K.A.T.E I end with:  Switch Stuff
Favorite trick:   No Comply
I can’t skate without…  my Skateboard
After a skate session… I listen to music
Street/Mini/Pool: all of them are fun
Handrail/Curb/Coping: all of them grind
Favorite Videopart: probably Jason Adams in black out
Skateboarder that influenced me:   Jason Adams, Ricky Oyola, Martino Cattaneo, Andres Bignasca
Skateboarding is…   one of the best thing ever happened to me





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