Portrait_13JAN HOFER

Birthday:   08.10.1988

Hometown:   Zürich

Stance:   Goofy

Deck Size:   8.50″

Wheel Size:   56mm


Sponsors:   Swiss Bones / Bones Wheels / Nike SB / Volcom / Doodah / The Straight And Narrow

Bones Wheels Bones Bearings



Favorite food:   Fast Food
Favorite drink:   Cold Drink
The last coffee I had…   a couple of years ago.
Best movie:   “Pull My Daisy” by Robert Frank
Favorite sitcom:   I don’t do sitcoms.
Favorite skatemag:   Thrasher
Favorite skatesite:   thrashermagazine.com
Best skateboardingmemory:   All the 5th District Tours.
Favorite place to travel: Agasul
Whats always in your bag?   My Credit Card
Favorite Spot:   Landiwiese around 2002.
Swiss skatespots are…   decorated with geranium
A game of S.K.A.T.E I start with:   Kickflip
A game of S.K.A.T.E I end with:   Pressure Flip
Favorite trick:   BS 540 Tailgrab. I wish…
I can’t skate without…   at least one other person skating with me.
After a skate session… is before a skate session.
Street/Mini/Pool:   Vert.
Handrail/Curb/Coping:  Jumpramp
Favorite Videopart:   Life Splicing No. 004: Nick Boserio
Skateboarder that influenced me:   Guy Kämpfen.
Skateboarding is… so hot right now!