Birthday:   03.04.1990

Hometown:  Melide (Lugano)

Stance:   Goofy

Deck Size:   8.3″

Wheel Size:  54mm


Sponsors:   Bones Wheels / Bones Bearings / Warriors Skateboards / Dealeaf / Osiris

 Bones Wheels Bones Bearings

Favorite food:   everything except bananas
Favorite drink:  beer and water the day after
The last coffee was…   6 hours ago.
Best movie:   The leggend of 1900
Favorite sitcom:   Friends
Favorite skatemag:   Kingpin
Favorite skatesite:
Best skateboardingmemory:   Wow..too many but a really good one was sleeping with the warriors for like 5 days in an abbandoned hotel in a petrol station 10 minutes outside of berlin. That became our hotel for that week and so much shit happened out there!
Favorite place to travel:   Beligium, be sure you meet the g’nassis crew.
Whats always in your bag?   Sleeping Bag
Favorite Spot?   The sworld
Swiss skatespots are …   many more that we actually expect you just have to be not too picky and skate everithing even if the roll up its not perfect.
A game of S.K.A.T.E I start with:   FS No Comply
A game of S.K.A.T.E I end with: the E
Favorite trick:   Kickflip
I can’t skate without …    Shoe Laces
After a skate session I …   drink a beer with my friends
Street/Mini/Pool:   all
Handrail/Curb/Coping:   all
Favorite Videopart:   Geoff Rowley – Sorry
Skateboarder that influenced me:  Gilles Gallicchio, Yari Copt, Han Session, Ivan Spoti and all the old warriors generation. than as pros Rowley, Duncombe, Jason Adams, and many more but i guess when you start to skate you are influenced by the people around you and not really the pros, those comes later, when your style is already been writen by the locals you hang up with.
Skateboarding is …   FUN