Birthday:   12.09.1973

Hometown:   Basel

Stance:   Goofy

Deck Size:   8.5″

Wheel Size:   56mm


Sponsors: Etnies / Santa Cruz / Independent Trucks / Swiss Bones

Bones Bearingsindependent

Favorite food: Vegetarian (Vietnamese, Mexican)
Favorite drink: Beer
The last coffee I had… 45min ago.
Best movie: too many
Favorite sitcom: Eastbound and down, Bored to death
Favorite skatemag: Thrasher
Favorite skatesite: Thrasher
Best skateboardingmemory: Meeting good people everywhere
Favorite place to travel: Croatia, Corsica
Whats always in your bag? Video Camera, Macbook
Favorite Spot: Port Land Basel
Swiss skatespots are… underrated
A game of S.K.A.T.E I start with: Fs Pop Shove It
A game of S.K.A.T.E I end with: Sw 360 Flip
Favorite trick: Fs Tailslide
I can’t skate without… friends
After a skate session… I have at least one beer
Street/Mini/Pool: A lot of bowl since we built the Blackcrossbowl, but a bit of everything is always good
Handrail/Curb/Coping: Pool coping please!
Favorite Videopart: Matt Hensley Hokus Pokus (Hstreet)
Skateboarder that influenced me: Hensley, Danny Way
Skateboarding is… a big part of my life





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