Birthday:   14.03.1987

Hometown:   Mollis (GL)

Stance:   Regular

Deck Size:   Street: 8.00″, Bowl: 9.00″

Wheel Size:   Street: 53mm, Bowl 60mm


Sponsors:   Creature / Independent Trucks / Independent Bearings / OJ Wheels / Mob Griptape / Red Dragon / Esperanto

creature independentreddragon  oj



Favorite food:   Meat
Favorite drink:   Ice Tea
The last coffee I had… ago.   Maybe 10 Years.
Best movie:   The Devil’s Reject’s
Favorite sitcom:   South Park
Favorite skatemag:   Thrasher
Favorite skatesite:   Youtube
Best skateboardingmemory:   My first Skatepark in California
Favorite place to travel:   California
Whats always in your bag?   Ice Tea and IPod
Favorite Spot:   Skatepark Näfels
Swiss skatespots are…   like Skatespots
A game of S.K.A.T.E I start with:   Kickflip
A game of S.K.A.T.E I end with:   E
Favorite trick:   FS Boardslide
I can’t skate without…   my board
After a skate session…   take a shower
Street/Mini/Pool:   sounds like fun
Handrail/Curb/Coping:   three good things
Favorite Videopart:   John Cardiel S.O.T.Y 1992
Skateboarder that influenced me:   John Cardiel, Jamie Thomas, Josh Kaspar, Chad Muska
Skateboarding is…   a very big thing in my life