BLVD truly stand behind their slogan: Building Bridges Worldwide

2010 Rob Gonzalez and Danny Montoya re-branded Listen Skateboards, their previous skateboard company into BLVD skateboards and found a home at Syndrome Distribution. BLVD builds bridges and supports an international team of technical street skaters.

The Swiss prodigy Kilian Zehnder rides for BLVD: "Right from the beginning Boulevard said that they have no problem with me being in Europe. One of their slogans even is “Building Bridges Worldwide”. So I decided to go with Boulevard".

Team: Kilian Zehnder, Rob Gonzalez, Danny Montoya, Tiago Lemos, Carlos Iqui, Rodrigo Peterson, Nate Fantasia, Jose Pereyra, Daniel Lebron, Danny Cerezini