Krux is all about fun! So leave your attitude at the door cause these ain't your daddy's trucks!

Krux is a truck brand that was originally founded in the early 90s out of NHS distribution. Krux stands for fun and chooses a humorous style when it comes to products and advertising. Krux trucks are available in a variety of fun designs and patterns.

Team: Jonny Giger, Aaron Goure, Albert Nyberg, Alex Massotti, Angel Ortega, Ben Hess, Brodie Penrod, Cairo Foster, Caswell Berry, Chaz Ortiz, Christian Maalouf, Danny Fuenzalida, David Loy, Enzo Cautela, Garrett Ginner, Israel Forbes, Jeff Dechesare, Jesse Viera, Jimmy Carlin, Jon Nguyen, Jonathan Pierce, June Saito, Kechaud Johnson, Kellen James, Kelvin Hoefler, Kevin Braun, Logan Frank, Louie Barletta, Mango, Manny Santiago, Mike Paek, Nestor Judkins, Nick Merlino, Nora Vasconcellos, Ron Whaley, Ryan Gallant, Ryan Lay, Ryan Reyes, Tommy Sandoval, Travis Harrison, Tyler Franz