Those who have been building wheels since 1974 can look back on a lot of experience.

OJ Wheels uses this knowledge to have exactly the right concept for every skateboarder, so that the wheels also fit for riding. Hillbombs, beachcruising, park, street or everything together - no problem with OJ Wheels. Under the umbrella of NHS Inc. along with companies like Santa Cruz, Creature and Independent Trucks, OJ has developed some incredible wheels over the years, and they get better and better every year! With skateboarding royalty alongside OJ’s, it didn't take long for them to raise up into the skateboard stratosphere! Of course, it wasn't just their companions who helped them grow and become one of the leading wheels-company in skateboarding, their roles did most of the work!

Blaze all the terrains on OJ-Wheels.

Team: Figgy, Jon Dickson, Ben Raybourn, Nora Vasconcellos, Erick Winkowski, Milton Martinez, Willis Kimbel, Nick Boserio, Marius Syvanen, Brian Delatorre, Al Davis, Jake Johnson, Roman Pabich, Ryan Townley and many more.....