Pig was founded by professional skateboarder Tod Swank in 1989. They thrive on creating innovative skateboard products and supporting the global skateboard culture.

PIG is the Wheel Brand from Tum Yeto, who likes to put his funny pig head logo on passers-by and filmmakers in skate clips and not only on their rolls and T-shirts. Pig knows how to convince with high-quality skateboard wheels in different sizes and hardnesses and some fancy graphics. For over twenty years, they have been designing high performance skateboard gear. PIG also has a team full of some of the most innovative skateboarders of recent decades who have been able to add their personal touch to their signature wheels. PIG's range also includes skateboard ball bearings, wax or rails for the underside of your decks. Maybe too much pork for just one fork.

Team: Blake Carpenter, Corey Duffel, Daniel Lutheran, Leo Romero, Clint Walker, Cole Wilson, Forest Edwards, Braxton Powers, Louie Barletta, Ed Templeton and many more…