Like those tattoos carved into the arms of skaters worldwide, Thrasher is forever.

Thrasher has been published monthly in San Francisco, CA, since January 1981 and is the longest running, best-selling skateboarding magazine of all time. Its name stands for the roots of skateboarding and its constant evolution; its staff are dedicated to defining this evolution and the adventurous spirit of its readership.
Say "1981" loudly. NASA launched the first reusable space shuttle, Columbia, in the spring. IBM introduced the first personal computer. This summer saw the premiere of MTV. But at the beginning of the year, before one of those other events took place, a group of skateboarders in a corner of San Francisco put together the first issue of Thrasher magazine.
Starting as a 32-page tabloid, it evolved into several prestigious brands - including Juxtapoz and SLAP magazines - as well as a series of books, ramp building manuals, skate rock albums, thrasher videos and DVDs, a hugely popular product and softgoods line, and the number one skateboarding authority on the Internet. Today every skater in the world knows what Thrasher is and what they stand for.