Birthday:  06.11.1996

Hometown:  Reinach BL

Stance:  Regular

Deck Size:  8.125″

Wheel Size:  52mm


Sponsors: DooDah / Habitat Skateboards / Silver Trucks / Bones Wheels / Bones Bearings / Mob Grip / Shorty’s Hardware

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Favorite food: Fajitas
Favorite drink: Water
The last coffee I had… Yesterday at school
Best movie: The blind side
Favorite sitcom: 2 1/2 men
Favorite skatemag: Kingpin
Favorite skatesite: You usually see the sickest tricks on instagram
Best skateboardingmemory: Skating Barcelona for the first time
Favorite place to travel: Still Barca
Whats always in your bag? My old IPod
Favorite Spot: Rubi (outside of Barca) because of the great atmosphere
Swiss skatespots are… Not bad at all even if most swiss skaters love to complain about them
A game of S.K.A.T.E I start with: 360 Flip or 180
A game of S.K.A.T.E I end with: some lateflip
Favorite trick: CBS Tail
I can’t skate without… my board?
After a skate session… I usually stay at the park and watch the others skate for a minute
Street/Mini/Pool: All of them, I’m horrible at pool though, but I’m learning, and it’s great fun.
Handrail/Curb/Coping: Curbs
Favorite Videopart: I like skaters that I’ve seen and talked to, then I appreciate their parts more, if that makes sense? Lino Häfeli – your Welcome, Henrique Goncalves – CG x Emerica and Oliver Weismantel – Army Army
Skateboarder that influenced me: Christoph Rediger
Skateboarding is… indesciblable







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